Amb-OS SSD Kit

Solid-state hard disk replacement

We tested several approaches to replace the IDE/pata hard disk - IDE to SATA adapters, IDE to SD-card adapters - and found the Compact Flash cards to be the only reliable solution. It makes sense, since a CF card has an IDE interface, so the adapter pc board simply connects the two IDE connectors.

The current SSD kit consists of
  • 32Gb CF memory card
  • IDE to CF adapter pc board
  • power connector

Current price is $60 + $5 shipping.
Discounts for more than one.
To order or ask a question, email me at

Installation is pretty easy...
  • save your playlist if you use one (UI playlist editor)
  • disconnect power to the AMR-100
  • remove top cover (6 #1 phillips screws)
  • remove hard disk (4 #2 phillips screws through holes in bottom of rcvr)
  • use static procection - at least keep touching the rcvr chassis with one hand
  • slide the HD away from the IDE connector
  • slide the adapter pc board onto the IDE connector
  • attach the power cable to the IDE connector
  • "YES" should show on the connector, ie yellow wire towards rear of rcvr
  • replace top cover and power up
  • email so we can update any special files for your receiver